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Why it matters where you purchase your shutters.

Purchasing a quality product at a price you are satisfied with is important, but so is choosing the right company to make your purchase. Purchasing shutters is often the beginning of long term business relationship. Sanibel Shutters builds shutters designed to last a lifetime. Because of their longevity, many of our customers add on additional shutters, have us repaint them to match their newly redecorated home and, of course, perform maintenance and repairs. Everything we manufacture is custom built, as a result we keep detailed records of each job. It is not uncommon for us to repair a damage shutters a decade or more after it was first built to the exact appearance as the day it was first installed.

Purchasing based solely on price may be problematic when you need service or want to add additional shutters to other windows at a later date. Sanibel Shutters offers very competitive pricing, backed by a company that will be here for you now and later-- when it matters most.

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