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$19 dollar shutters? What am I missing?

We've all heard radio ads for plantation shutters installed for $19 per square foot. Sounds great, right? The old adage 'you get what you paid for' applies. Generally they are offering Chinese made shutters. Some are fine, others not so much. There are some decent quality Chinese made shutters, but the draw back is the lead times which I've seen at 16 weeks. Something wrong? Add on another 16 weeks... As for the 'not so good' Chinese shutters, they are often hollow plastic, MDF (medium density fiberboard - think hard cardboard) and some wood but very thin and poorly built. Sanibel Shutters does not manufacturer cheap shutters. Our quality allows us to back them with a lifetime warranty. Something for consideration.

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Mar 08, 2019

Very true. Plus good luck getting them repaired under warranty. Companies selling cheap shutters with good warranties simply change their name every few years and poof, no more warranty.

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